“When Jesus said on that cross, “…my God my God, why have you forsaken me?” I believe He said so, so that none of us should ever have to say it again.”

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Loved, but don’t feel it?

The hardest thing for a Christian is to know how loved he is and yet not feel it. In my few short years of ministry, perhaps the most gut-wrenching discussions I’ve ever had is to not feel God’s love and presence in that moment.

The Gospel promises a lot of things to the believer and perhaps none so more important than the promise of a true relation with God. Therefore, it is uncompromisingly clear why this has to be the most difficult burden for a Christian. When times are tough, do you see God’s hand in it? When you are facing the waves on the shore, do you feel that God is there to carry you?

As Christmas looms large, this is magnified. When the whole world is screaming “Merry Christmas!”, how shall one respond when in the depths of his being he is not…

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